Power vehicle trends in use around the world are developing a little more each year. The number of people who want to use sustainable, safe systems, especially in the industrial field, is now extremely high. We, as NPower, allow you to use advanced energy solutions in the industrial field, so we aim to continue your business absolutely without interruption. In this context, we always guarantee the highest performance and quality in low voltage panels. You will be able to customize our low voltage motor control center panels with a wide range of performance from 160 to 6300A according to your own needs, and witness the evolution of products such as SACE Emax 2 and SACE Tmax XT circuit breakers within the framework of needs throughout their working processes.

What Does Emax 2 Tech Offer?

Thanks to The Emax 2 technology used, two different features that are revolutionary in this sector will be available on your low voltage motor control center panels:

  1. Thanks to Control The Power Controller technology, the system calculates the ratio of average absorbed power. It checks the load list for the remaining operations after this calculation. The algorithm that combines these two processes ensures that the maximum power predetermined by the user is maintained uninterruptedly. In this way, a controlled electric distribution is provided without any surprises.
  2. The Ekip Link system and Ekip Control Panel activate an additional feature that is not found in many other low voltage panels in this sector. Thanks to this system, you have the chance to perform the control and settings of materials such as locally working circuit breakers and switchgear autonomously on a different switchboard. Moreover, no extra programming skill is required for this. With this technology, it is possible for monitoring and supervision to work perfectly in order to ensure consistency in the workplace and to make sure that everything goes as planned.

What Does Low Voltage Panels Provided By Npower Do?

Low voltage distribution panel products are tools that provide the safest distribution of electrical energy by separating it into different branches and prevent electrical energy overload or potential short circuits thanks to panelboards. As NPower, we care about offering you the following possibilities with high-quality low voltage panels:

  1. Thanks to the original Power Controller systems with a patented system, you will have the option of minimizing the management cost.
  2. It is extremely important that Low Voltage Distribution Panels have a high-quality design, both to save space and to avoid the use of unnecessary materials. As NPower, we ensure maximum performance of switchboards and switchgear with panels that have maximum quality and functionality in frame organization. With the right design, we also allow you to save space.
  3. Maintaining control over the device is the most important way to guarantee the maximum functionality of the device. Having a wide interface optimized for touch and use, low voltage panels make it easier to make settings, strengthen your ability to follow up work, and allow you to get faster results.

Most Precise Measurement With Rogowski Sensors

The first way to ensure that a low voltage panel works with maximum functionality is to run the circuit-breaker as a precise measurement tool in the switchgear as well as its ordinary function. In this way, it is guaranteed that low voltage distribution is realized safely. Advanced NPower low voltage power distribution units operating with Emax 2 technology make precision extremely powerful:

  • 1% of the actual value of the current
  • 0.5% of voltage
  • 2% of power and energies

As Npower, we certainly guarantee these measurements. You can purchase these products with the peace of mind for your industrial or residential needs.

Miniature circuit breakers By NPower

As NPower, we also offer you Miniature circuit breakers. Miniature circuit breakers, which guarantee maximum security in different devices, include the following additional systems to provide maximum performance:

  1. two different tripping mechanisms
  2. the delayed thermal tripping mechanism
  3. the magnetic tripping mechanism

With certified and guaranteed services, it is possible to ensure uninterrupted flow as well as maximum security in electricity distribution. These products will save you space and time thanks to their extra unique bottom-fixing auxiliary contact features.